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We believe everyone should have access to healing and that yoga is meant to be practiced by everyone.

We welcome those who have never done yoga, are older, or need the breath to calm their anxiety and their minds. We can accommodate all ages and skill levels, so no need to feel self-conscious in our space. Our teachers are warm and feel very honored when new students come to their classes.

Yoga Studio

Hip Opening & Grounding

This class is designed for those who desire a lower body focused session. This class is great if you have low back/hip pain, tight glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, feet, ankles, & everything in between. Additionally, the intention of the class will be to focus on grounding into your body & practicing being present. It is a yin yoga based class with a lot of holding positions and slower movements.

Crystals: smoky quartz, obsidian, hematite, onyx

Oils: Balance blend, Black Spruce, sandalwood

Rest & Rejuvenate

This class is restorative yoga in its truest form (think nap yoga). Grab your mat, blankets, multiple bolsters, along with a space on the floor & get ready to relax. It's a great class for unwinding after a long week and/or resetting for the week ahead.

Crystals: amethyst, blue lace agate, clear quartz, selenite

Oils: lavender, serenity blend, chamomile

Addressing Posture & Releasing

This class is for all of our desk workers out there, or anyone needing some help with releasing their chronic posture patterns. This class is heavily focused on releasing pecs, shoulders, neck, arm, wrist and back muscles. Additionally, this class is great for releasing fear, anger, grief, or any other emotion you may be storing in your body. It's an ashtanga inspired class that helps to both strengthen and release upper body muscles.

Crystals: black tourmaline, selenite, obsidian, clear quartz

Oils: Lemongrass, lavender, black pepper

Full-Body Balancing & Self-Love

This class was created with the body + mind in thought. Yoga is an act of self-love along with all other self-care modalities. In this class we move the full body and celebrate the love we have for ourselves, while also practicing patience and acceptance for where you are, in that moment. This is a hatha-fusion type yoga class and encompasses full body movement.

Crystals: rose quartz, carnelian, amethyst, aventurine, amazonite

Oils: bergamot, citrus bliss, lavender

Deep Breathing + Clarity

This class is all about your breath & slowing down. We get so caught up in our daily lives that we often forget to take the time to notice our breath. This hour is dedicated to noticing your breath, honoring where you are, in that moment, & allowing yourself to be open to whatever comes to you. It's a great time for reflection and is followed by an optional 15-minute journaling session or savasana (yoga nap).

Crystals: clear quartz, lapis lazuli, fluorite, sodalite

Oils: breath blend, peppermint, eucalyptus

Our Classes

At Restful Touch Wellness Collective, we offer specific yoga classes to address some of the main complaints we see in our massage practice. Our certified Yoga instructors will guide you through gentle poses and movements, offering alternatives for anyone with limited mobility or injuries. 


We invite you to come and enjoy our classes, while we focus on correcting chronic patterns and issues.

  • What do I need to wear to a yoga class?
    Every studio is a little different, but for our studio you will want to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. In the studio we don’t wear shoes, so normally people are barefoot or wear socks/slippers, though barefoot is the most common. Our room is typically between 68 - 73 degrees, so if you chill easily you may want a sweatshirt to start. You will get warmer as you move through the class.
  • What do I need to bring to a yoga class?
    At our studio we provide mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps. We encourage you to bring a water bottle and offer filtered water to fill it with, along with tea and other warm beverages. If you have your own mat or props, then you are welcomed to bring those with you. If you use one of ours, we ask that you spray it down and wipe it off after use.
  • What happens if I’m late to a yoga class?
    If you are running more than 5-minutes behind then it’s best to not attend the class. It can be disruptive to the other students when a late student comes in and has to set up their mats. If you miss the deadline, our front desk staff will gently turn you away so please try to arrive early or on time.
  • Does your facility offer showers?
    We have one shower in our facility that is open to use on a first come, first serve basis. You can request a towel from our front desk staff if needed.
  • What is your class cancellation policy?
    We ask that our students cancel at least 1-hour before their class start time. This ensures that there is an ample amount of notice to allow other students to sign up for the class.
  • Do I tip my yoga teacher?
    Though it is not very common, tips are always welcomed by the instructor. It is more common to tip an instructor 20-30% on a private yoga session, but with public classes it’s not expected.
  • What happens if I can’t make it to a class that I signed up for?
    We ask for a 1 hour notice to cancel your spot to avoid being charged. If you have an emergency, just call the studio to avoid being charged.

"I recently came in for my second massage at this salon, and my expectations were blown away. The therapist are extremely knowledgable about what they are doing, and make you comfortable straight away."

Grace Ware

"More than 5 stars is what these guys should get. My wife and I visited from out of town, and were blown away at how great everything was. The sauna was awesome, the massage was ultra relaxing, and the staff was absolutely too notch!"

Cole Bowen

"They were very attentive before we even arrived and very thorough with their questions to make sure we had the exact massage we needed. I've had a lot of massages & this was by far the best!"

Rachel Roberts


Includes unlimited public yoga classes & infrared sauna sessions + 15% off spa services, retail, & private yoga sessions.



Includes a 60-minute massage or a 45-minute Express glo Facial + unlimited infrared sauna sessions + 15% off additional spa services, retail, private & public yoga sessions.



Includes a 60-minute massage + unlimited public yoga classes & infrared sauna sessions + 20% off additional spa services, retail, & private yoga sessions.



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